acid dye
  • bought an acid dye for silk....not got a top loading washing machine , any advice x thx
  • You can dye your fabric in a pot - in fact you will get better results using the stove top method with the Acid Dye. You can find the instructions here.
  • anet i have a 1/2 oz pot off dye will that be enough for a garment weighing 16 oz?
  • Hi Tracey,

    The amount of dye you would use depends on a couple of things. For instance, to dye 16 ounces of fabric a pale shade of #605 Pumpkin Orange - you'd want to use about 1/4 ounce of dye, for a deeper shade of the same color you'd bump the amount up to 1/2 ounce. However, if you are dyeing (on the far extreme) with #639 Black and wanted very dark color you would use up to 3 ounces of dye. There is a Dye Quantities Chart that will give you specific information regarding specific colors here.

    If you have any more questions - let us know.

  • i am using turqoise on 16 ounce of a pale fabric so will 1/2 ounce of dye be ok.. thx for all your help x