how to use pearl ex in your scrapbooking?
  • I have some jars of pearl ex and am not sure how to use them on my scrapbooking pages.I am currently doing a canvas and was wondering if they need to be sealed?
  • Hi Maggie,

    Pearl Ex can be used in a variety of ways. They need to be used with something that will bind them to your surface without covering the sparkle such as clear medium for painting, gum arabic, even mixing them into or sprinkling them on white glue (dries clear) can be used for an interesting effect. You can also use Pearl Ex powders to color clear embossing powder. See the Pearl Ex Quick Tips at

    For your canvas piece: if they have been sprinkled on directly it would probably be a good idea to seal. Do some tests to discover the best application for your desired results.

    Have fun!!