Procion MX didn't take.
  • I read several forums that said Procion MX cold water dye was a good way to immersion dye a polyurethane/viscose(rayon) blend.

    I just tried to dye a white polyurethane/viscose jacket chocolate brown. I followed the directions exactly and the jacket has not taken the dye. It's just looks kind of dirty white now. Any ideas on what I should of done or what I could still do?

    If there is another method I could do, I would like to use this jacket as the pattern works perfectly for my Halloween costume. Any advice would be wonderful, thank you!
  • Any advice at all? You've been so prompt and helpful regarding questions I've had previously :)
  • Sorry we missed your original email. Procion MX dyes are dyes for natural fibers (primarily plant based). They will not dye synthetic fabrics. In addition to not working with Procion MX dye, it is possible that the polyurethane is being used as a water repellent for the jacket, so that no matter what type of dye you use, you won't achieve good results. I wish the news was better.