Multiple colors on lycra(spandex)/nylon combo.
  • I found the perfect pattern for a unitard and am purchasing it in white and would like to dye/paint it green and yellow. Like this: (So the majority is green with essentially a yellow stripe down the middle.)

    Given the fabric is a Lycra(spandex)/nylon blend, what is my best option? Dye it green and then paint with a yellow opaque? Is the yellow block too big to paint?

    Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.
  • You might want to consider Dye-Na-Flow. This is a very easy to use, light-bodied, fabric paint. The effect is very much like that of a dye - leaving your fabric very soft. You will want to create a resist line between the two colors or use a product like No Flow which will help control the flow of the paint so that you can achieve the nice sharp lines between the two colors. Take a look at the web page for the different products - if you have any more questions let us know.

  • Thank you!

    One more question: How do I estimate how much Dye-Na-Flow or No Flow I need?
  • That can be a little tricky if you are painting a very large surface, but based on the image you sent with your first post, I'd say you will be fine with 8 ounces of each color and probably 8 ounces of the No Flow as well. It wouldn't be necessary to treat the entire unitard with the No Flow - just the areas where the two colors border each other.
    Also, I encourage you to do a bit of testing on a similar fabric before proceeding with your unitard. Giving yourself the opportunity to experience how the paint will flow with and with out the No Flow will help to ensure success.