Dying tulle HELP!
  • I make tutus and I am curious as to how many of you have ever tried dying tulle and if you had the same problems I'm having...flat and wrinkled. I need dark yellow tulle,not the light lemon or butter colors so I bought a box of Golden Yellow RIT and I used white tulle 6"x 25yards and I unraveled it all then dyed it. The color turned out perfect! Although after I washed it all out and laid it flat to dry I ended up with a nice big ball of wrinkled mess. So I tried to wrap the tulle on the roll and straighten it out as I went (that took about forever). So I decided to try to iron it after I made the tutu, the iron basically just completed removed all fluff from the tutu leaving it nice and flat. I shook it, hung it upside down, the works and it is still wrinkled and flat. It looks nothing like one I would make fresh off the roll. I also hung it in the bathroom as I showered to try to remove the remaining wrinkles..nothing. My questions are I guess is...Is there a better way to dye tulle? Can I leave it on the spool I wonder then rinse it while it's on the spool and let it dry on the spool? Help!

  • Toni,
    Just some thoughts:
    Do you know if tulle has some sort of "coating" that makes it stiff and fluffy??? Did you do it on the stove top, what temperature did you allow it to heat to? I have never dyed tulle, only alpaca fiber, silk, mohair, and wool. If you dye it on the spool you might not get an even color. Not sure if this applies, but when I am washing raw fiber, I put it in a lingerie laundry bag to prevent if from becoming tangled and felted. You might be able to dye tulle in a lingerie bag, depending on how much you are dyeing. You said that you laid it flat to dry, then got a wrinkled ball. Did it take on a mind of its' own when drying and bundle up? Perhaps you could lay something over it, like a sheet to weight it a bit while drying.
    Good Luck!!