Recommended Printer for Printing on Fabric?
  • I was just talking to my friend about whether we should buy tshirts for the kids and make our own. We have some iron-on ideas where we can print the patterns but we don't need these shirts to last forever. If they last 2 or 3 washings we'd be happy.

    Some of the threads here are older and with changes in printer technology the last 2-3 years, I'm wondering if there are any recommended printers for printing directly on Fabric?
  • Hi
    Most modern printers are designed to cope with the new papers etc that are available. I personally chose a printer that has high quality print across a multitude of surfaces and offers good ink economy
  • Celia, I am new to the fourm but have 40 years in the textile field. I want to purchase an ink-jet printer to print on the various paper backed fabrics available from the several manufactures of these products. So I have been looking at Epson and HP in paticular. I am still in dark on which ones will successfuly handle the paper backed products from the standpoint of feed and jamming. What do you know? I am willing to spend $500 to $2500 on the correct printer with a format of standard size paper backed fabrics to the larger sizes up to 24". I am looking for specific recomendations. You can e-mail me if you want more information on what I am trying to achieve. These fabrics are for art not wearables.
    Thanks, John Gunther
  • John,
    Call 1800 442 0455. They will give you the number of our Inkjet sister company. Somebody there can give you more info on printer recomendations.
    Sorry for the delay in replying to you.