Dye Help
  • I've been trying to dye pieces of mohair fabric for making toys. I had 2 pieces of pale yellow mohair, with matching cotton backing. I've used the stove top method for both but had to modify the heat because it appears to burn the mohair, making feathery mohair go permanently frizzy.

    I tried using Olive with one piece, and it turned out dark chocolate brown on an orange background.

    I tried Chartreuse on the other, and it turned neon yellow, no green to be seen.

    Mohair is very expensive and I'm really disappointed with these results!

    Can I use a colour remover on mohair safely? How should mohair fabric be dyed in order to get the actual colour I purchased?

    All help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi,
    The color remover should work on the wool and remove the acid dye if thats what you are using to dye it. Always do a test first.
    Thnaks Celia
  • Hi,

    I am not really sure how you are dying your mohair now, but I was taught that when dying wool/mohair you must heat the water up with the wool in the water. Doing this will help to keep the wool from felting and the mohair from getting ruined. As for the dye I think you are using to much and that is why you are getting these darker colors that you don't want, I would test it first using less dye and see if you get the results that you want. Hope this helps and good luck dying!

  • Oh one more thing, the cotton will almost always be a different color than the wool because they are to different fibers and they will not take the dye pigment the same way. If you can you should dye them separately because the cotton will need more dye then the wool. Actually if you are using an acid dye that isn't going to work on the cotton you need an Mx dye for the cotton and an acid for the wool. I am not familiar with jacquards products, so I don't know if they have something that will work on both or not (personally i've never heard of a product that does) -Allie