What I do...
  • This is a countertop done ( Before & After) by me using a variety of colorants to replicate the look of "stone". Hope you all like it. Comments or criticisms are appreciated. Good day & God bless!

    Clinton Hoffmann
    Turn In2 Stone LLC
  • Impressive work. I've done some countertops using the Granicrete system, which one are you using most of the time?
    in Virginia
  • Greetings Juliana,

    Actually, the system I use is one I made up by lots of experimentation. I plan on selling my "mix" soon to those who want to make their own decorative concrete items. That's cool you have learned the Granicrete system. I wished I knew their coloring techniques. Maybe we could do an exchange of information :D and I'll be more than happy to teach you what I know and share some of my mix with you.


  • I'd love to share...please write me at [email="juliana@thefauxchateau.com"]juliana@thefauxchateau.com[/email] so I can get your email. I can send you some photos as well.
    Talk to you soon,