How long does dye last? Temperature sensitive?
  • Hi there,

    I have a few bottles of dye left over from last year (or maybe the year before?) My kids and I have a big tie-dye fest every summer in the backyard and the leftovers were left in the shed all year. We live in a pretty mild climate, got down to about -10 (14F) in the winter and up to about 35 (95F) in the summer. I'm wondering if the dye is still good?

    It's the Jaquard Procion MX Dye.. the kind you mix with water.

  • If your Procion MX dye was mixed with water, it will have stayed good for maybe a couple of weeks, depending on room temperature and the pH of your water supply.

    If it's dry powder in tightly-sealed jars, stored in a temperature-controlled room, it will last at least one year after purchase, maybe several years. Test it before doing a big or important project.

  • Thanks :( I was sure hoping we could get some use out of it! I guess I'll have to get some shoe laces and hair scrunchies to use up the extras this year.

    Thanks :)
  • hello....I am new to this forum therefore welcome from admin team to me :P ...
    well sugarmangolia..... the way u told me about the temperature reading during the summer and winter season, this sounds v good to me and I believe that If I was on ur place then I would prefer the tie-dye and u better know why i guess.....