Thick & gummy Lumiere paints
  • Hi there -

    I was wondering if there's anything I can add to save my set of Lumiere paints. Admittedly, some bottles are 4 years-old now, but they have all become overly thick and gummy - completely unspreadable in their current condition. So, is there anything I can add to the paints to make them liquid and flowing again? Like water or some kind of acrylic paint medium?

    Thank you!
  • To thin the paints you can add up to 25% water or you can use either the Textile Traditional Colorless Extender or the Neopaque Flowable Extender.

  • It worked! I added some water to three different gummed-up Lumiere's (Halo Pink Gold, Halo Blue Gold, and Pearl Turquoise), stirred them up with a craft stick, and voila! I got my paints back! :D

    I didn't measure, so I don't know if I went over the 25% recommended by Jacquard or not, but I painted some envelopes, and the paint adhered just fine. The only "hard" part was that I had to stir extra hard with the Halo colors, because the gold metallic stuff was very stuck in the bottom. But, I just kept working it, scraping the bottom and then stirring vigorously, scraping and stirring, and it eventually all went back into the paint solution.

    I'm just so happy it was so easy, and I didn't have to throw them away! Thanks so much, anet.
  • That's great! The only problem you might run into if you went over the 25% would be washablility issues. So, if you wanted to use the paints on fabric and were concerned about being able to wash them you could just add some Airfix and that would take care of that problem.