please help - will using procion mx dye jet black get rid of bleach stain
  • hello

    recently i managed to get bleach on a favourite black jacket of mine and it has left a brown kind of stain on a small part of it...

    i am wondering if i use the procion mx dye 150 jet black dye on the jacket will it override the bleach stain and redie the whole jacket jet black?

    please does anyone have any idea?

    am i wasting my time?

    edit. its a cotton jacket
  • It might work. Dye is transparent, so the lighter spot will always be lighter than the rest, but if you use plenty of black Procion MX dye (use 10% of the dry weight of the fabric), it may be dark enough not to show.

    The first thing to try, though, is a permanent fabric marker. Check out the question, How can I fix the bleach spots on my favorite clothing?, in the Hand Dyeing FAQ on my site.