Disposal of acid dyes
  • Hi. I'm new at this. I'll planning to use the acid dyes to dye hair and feathers for fly tying. I've read quite a bit on the subject matter, have bought books, read posts, etc. My biggest concern is disposal of acid dyes with vinegar in a WHITE corian sink. Will the acid dyes stain the sink? Can it be easily cleaned? Mr Clean Magic Eraser seems to be a fan favorite, but I won't even ATTEMPT dyeing if it will leave a permanent stain. If it does, then I'm off to find a stainless steel tub... advice from those with direct experience please!
  • Hello,
    I would ebb on the safe side and use the stainless steel tub... Acid dye similar to hair dye can stain certain porous surfaces.
  • Ok. Thanks for the reply. While Corian is a non-porous (solid surface) material, it's just not worth the chance. I've figured out a system to make this work in the meantime so now I'm off to experiment!