iDye wool
  • I attempted dyeing about 4 pounds of new white 100% wool with one packet of iDye. Not surprisingly, it turned out very pale. I was using a cheap washing machine, and could not delay the rinse cycle, nor set the water fill to a lower level. The water expelled was the color of the dye- should it be clear? On my second attempt, I will use a better machine, reduce the water level and lengthen the wash cycle. My questions are:

    1.) How many packets will I need?

    2.) Do I need to do anything different on the second attempt?

    3.) How long should the agitation cycle be? Should the water bath turn clear at the end?

  • You'll do better with acid dyes on wool, instead of a direct dye like iDye. Direct dyes are less successful on wool.

    Jacquard has instructions for using acid dyes in the washing machine, if that's what you want to do, but there's a big risk of felting wool in the washing machine. It's safer to dye wool in a large non-aluminum pot on the stovetop. Don't forget the vinegar.

    See the chart on that page to find the amount of dye recommended for one pound of fiber, and multiply it by the number of pounds you have. The amount of dye you'll need varies dramatically by color. Use more dye for a dark color, and less for a light one.

  • Thank you, Paula! :)