dying a fake fur coat..
  • hello! i have a great fake fur coat that i'd like to dye- 100% poly, fur, lining and all. it's huge, and really long- and white. i want to make it more fun, and would like to try a version of an ombre dye.. but, i'm thinking i'll have problems getting an even gradation. the 'fur' is that super-soft stuff, not the usual.. i haven't found any like it at my local fabric store to test on.. any ideas? also, hasanyone tried mixing custom colors of the idye poly? i'd love a turquoise or something, i hope there are plans for more poly colors!
    oh- i have used the regular idye, and love it.. but i am still a novice at dyes!
  • anybody? anything?
  • Getting good results on polyester with a disperse dye such as iDye Poly requires that you cook it on the stove in a large enough cooking pot. Such a pot would be prohibitively expensive for a coat the size you describe.

    Instead, I'd suggest you use a good thin fabric paint that works on polyester, such as Dye-Na-Flow. Probably the easiest way to get a nice gradient would be to dilute the paint with 25% water and then either airbrush it on (that would be the best) or spray it on with a good hand sprayer (like this one).

    Use a commercial clothes dryer to heat set the paint after it dries (home dryers don't get hot enough).

  • thank you! i will try it..