94% poly, 6% spandex...?
  • Hi all...

    I have a slip cover for a lazyboy that is a light cream colour that I want to dye to black to match the reno project that I'm doing to my place. I have a package of the idyepoly, will that be good for this? Also, looking over the forum, I take it that the stovetop method is the way to go with this? Do I need to add salt or viniger?

    Any suggestions would be great as I also have a dark brown slip for a sofa that I would like to go black as well...

    Thanks for all the help
  • The iDye Poly is appropriate for this fabric. The one concern I have is the spandex in the slip cover - you do need to use the stove top method with this fabric to get a nice dark black (and you may need more than one packet, depending on the weight of the fabric.) My concern is how the spandex will hold up to the heat. If you do decide to go with the iDye it is not necessary to add salt or vinegar.
    An alternative to the dye is our Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint. This is a very flow-able, water based acrylic paint. It covers much like a dye would - but you would apply it with a brush or sponge. You can read more about it here: http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/paints/dyenaflow/
  • Judging on what I have read online, it doesn't seem to recommend to use any heat when dealing with spandex. As I am trying to save money by doing this, I would prefer not to risk it and have to spend 70 bucks to get a new cover. Any idea how much I would need to get? This is a slip for a decent sized recliner. When I was looking at the pouch for the iDyePoly, it said it was good for 2-3 pounds of fabric, which is what this weighs. Granted this is different, so I'm not too sure what to get. I am going to attempt to get the store I bought it at to order the paint (wallack's art supply in Ottawa Canada) as I don't know where else in town I will be able to get it in town.

    Any suggestions on how to apply it when I get it? Do you dilute the paint or use it full strength? Any tips would be appreciated...
  • Coverage will be very dependent on the absorption rate of the fiber of the slip cover. One cotton will absorb more than another cotton, etc., so it is very difficult to advise as regards amount of paint you would need. Given what you've described, however, I would say that the very least amount you'd want is a quart of the paint.
    As for actually painting it - I would think that draping the slipcover over a form (perhaps a wooden or metal chair which could be sacrificed or scrubbed clean should paint seep through) would be best.
    I do strongly recommend that you test the paint in an inconspicuous area of the slip cover before committing to the entire project. Although the cover is cotton/spandex there may be a stain resisting finishing on the cover that will interfere with the absorption of the paint.

    Hope this helps,
  • actually it's a poly/spandex blend... will that make a difference?
  • Ooops! I knew that. The Dye-Na-Flow will work just fine with the polyester/spandex blend.