Koi colors on cotton unitards
  • I need to dye 3 cotton unitards, painting them to look like Koi fish. I plan to use the wet-wet watercolor method using a sponge so that the colors will bleed into each other. What paint/dye product should I use to achieve this look? And, what fixative is appropriate for this application? Or Heat
    Finally, is there a tutorial or reference on this technique?
  • You have a couple of options with the cotton unitard, however, I think your best course will be to use the Dye-Na-Flow paints. Ease of application and heat setting makes this the simplest option. Basic instructions are here http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/paints/dyenaflow/instructions.php . Simply use the paint without the resist lines to achieve the watercolor affect you are looking for.
  • anet,
    I thank you so much for all your info and feedback! I was really stressing out. You are a life saver!
    Follow your bliss,
    Mei Ling