Help tie dying 86% Poly/14% Spandex
  • I'm trying to tie die some race singlets for our team. The fabric is a 86% Polyester, 14% spandex blend. Any suggestions? Is this hard to do? I've never tie dyed anything before. Thanks.
  • You cannot dye a polyester/spandex blend. The extended high heat required to dye polyester with disperse dyes will utterly destroy spandex. Check the care instructions for your singlets. They probably tell you to subject them to washing temperatures no higher than 105°F (which is 41°C), far below the boiling temperatures that work best for dyeing polyester.

    This means that your only option is to fake tie-dyeing with a diluted thin fabric paint, such as Jacquard Products' Dye-Na-Flow or Dharma Trading Company's Dharma Pigment Dye.