blue specks after dyeing yellow
  • My fiance just used iDye and iDye Poly to dye a white cotton-poly blend dress shirt yellow. We pre-washed the fabric in our stainless steel pot, let it dry overnight, the dyed the shirt tonight. Though the color is lovely, there are now dark blue specks all over the shirt. Prior to pre-washing, the shirt was brand-new out of the package, and was entirely free of specks before dyeing.

    We followed the directions on the packets for cotton-poly blends, and both the shirt and pot were clean. We have no idea what could have caused the specks. We're not sure whether we should try dyeing another shirt or not, wondering whether this problem will recur.

  • Hi there!

    Which color in the iDye Natural line did you use?

  • We used iDye Bright Yellow (and poly Yellow, of course).
  • Well, it may be that the dye did not dissolve completely. There is the tiniest little bit of blue in that yellow to 'brighten' it so that could be the culprit.
    Rather than purchase a new shirt you could use a color remover on the piece and then redye.
    To avoid the blue specks dissolve the dyes in a quart or so of very hot water before you add it to the dye pot.

  • Thanks, we'll try that. Is there another yellow color that might not be as likely to have those blue specks? Or should we just stick with the Bright Yellow. (We are aiming for a bright, canary or lemony yellow.)

    Thanks again!
  • I checked with our chemist and he tells me the Sun Yellow (so far as he knows) has no blue in it. The trick with that is that you may not get the same color. I think so long as you dissolve the dye before adding it to the dye pot you should be fine with the original color. Use very hot water, shake it up, let it set, shake it up some more then add.
    If you have any more questions you are welcome to give us a call, also.