Newbie looking for suggestion: stamping
  • I am crafty, but have never done this before. I want to paint large colorful polka dots on white cotton draperies for my girls' room. I thought the easiest way to do it would be to "stamp" the design on the fabric. I have not seen any large (3-4" diameter) circle stamps, but figured I could make one or perhaps use some sort of circular object as the stamper.

    Any suggestions on what type of material I should use to make a stamp? I know I could use a sponge, but I would prefer a material that would provide complete coverage.

    I've also considered using a stencil, but thought a stamp would be easier.

    I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    Using a stencil may be easier as you can cut them from masking or packing tape. Adhere them to the fabric and brush on textile color, lumiere or neopaque.

    Stamping probably won't give you solid uniform color unfortunately. However, if that is what you want cutting a circular shape from household sponge works pretty well.

  • I am going to try to stencil. I just tried the stamping idea, and you were right about the about the lack of uniform coverage. Thanks!