Crochet Train
  • After a year and many, many yards of cotton crochet thread I finally finished this train that I will wear when I am installed as Royal Matron in Order of Amaranth, Inc. in 2011. The entire piece weighs over 2lbs and is hand crochet using the broom handle and pineapple stitches. I used Jacquard’s Procion MX dye, raspberry color at 50% strength per the tye dye instructions and a squirt bottle to get a variegated effect. I draped it over the close line out side and sprayed more dye in the center than the edges. The cheep squirt bottle created a neat speckle effect. I then applied multiple layers of Jacquard's Lumiere pearl paint using an air brush and flicking my fingers to get the larger spots. The bead work was added last. I cannot begin to say how happy I am to have this project completed and how thrilled I am with how well Jacquard's products worked to get the effect I was looking for.
  • Thanks so much for sharing your amazing piece. What a tremendous lot of work, but the end result is quite a wonder.
  • Oh my gosh ~ what an incredible work of art you have completed. I don't know what Amaranth is, other than an ancient grain, but I do know that your skills and perseverance are a significant contribution to your organization!

    I'm learning to felt my Angora Rabbit Wool, and not at all comfortable dyeing it immersed loose in a kettle.
    .. afraid I'd have 3 month's growth of wool felted into a kettle-shaped disaster! (Maybe I could slice it and make Angora frizbees?) I think your spray bottle idea may be a good tool for me to dye my fiber before I felt it. THANKS and congrats on your upcoming honor!
  • My suggestion is to take a small piece of felt and use it as a test. I crocheted a sample to not only check my pattern but to make sure the color and technique were what I wanted. I was glad I did because the color was to dark to go with my gown. I am using the sample piece as my bible marker during my term as Royal Matron.

    Order of the Amaranth Inc. is a group formed by women who wanted to share in the learning and community that Master Masons enjoy. One of the goals is to empower women and provide leadership opportunities. We are a an interconnected group that has a lot of fun at out meetings. The plant amaranth is a very important symbol to our group.