Semi Gloss finish for metallics on canvas art?
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm curious to know if anyone has a really great finish for Jacquard Metallics on canvas--for artworks!

    I personally really dislike high gloss finishes on artwork---to me, it tends to "glare out" the finish of the overall piece under nice spotlights.

    I want a finish that brings out the subtle beauty of metallics, without flattening them with a matte finish. (I've tried so many!)

    Hopefully someone understands what I am saying!

    I'm looking for a nice satin finishing glaze....somewhere in between, but cannot seem to find it in many fine art glazes, or otherwise...I've tried so many professional finishes! Perhaps a coating from another source besides fine acrylic or oil?????????????

    I really like the finish created with Mod Podge...but it tends to be a bit tacky if used alone....and not a good UV rated covering.

    Anyone have suggestion?

    Greatly appreciated!
  • Hi,
    Have you tried Golden Artists Acrylics semi gloss polymer varnish? It has great UV rating and a nice non glossy finish without being to opaque.
  • You know....that's probably one I haven't tried! Thank you for that suggestion! If it is a true semi-gloss, it may work. My local suppliers are so limited on Golden Products, and are more into carrying Liquitex, and their semi gloss dulls too much....or tends to leave a bit of a haze, since my art is also textured, and it's a bit too thick to smooth over perfectly.

    Ever frustrating...but thank you again!