Anybody out there? anet....pburch
  • anet.....pburch...?....moderator....administrator? ....where is everybody?

    i have a very important question and nobody will help me!

    baby chris
  • you can call us here - had you made another post?
  • hi anet,thanks for replying
    my name is chris and I posted a thread on 11-12-2009 10:21pm.
    if you look in Introductions general chat.... titled "dying Silk" "I have never dyed fabric before....."
    Anyway its ok I went ahead with the iDye flr yellow. I had purchased 8mm
    habotai from Dharma, I am making fanning flags. it was really easy I used the stove with vinegar and they turned out great. If you read my original thread I was going to use iDye navy and then paint flr orange 4" stars on the panels. I wasnt sure if the orange with the blue would make parts or portions brown or muddy. anyway nonetheless I'm good.

    if I have anymore questions I'll let you know.
    thanks again.
  • Chris,

    So sorry to have missed your original post! I glad you were able to work it all out and would love to see pics of your flags. If you have any further questions we'll do our best to get back to you in a more timely manner in the future.