Splotches - Newbie
  • Hi. I'm new to dying yarn and have a problem. I tried yesterday and today to dye some 75/25 wool/nylon sock yarn pink, using acid dye. Both attempts turned out splotchy, with a lot of color in spots and almost white in others, even though I stirred the yarn quite a bit. It seemed the color jumped onto the fiber very fast. The water was clear both times in less than five minutes. I suspect my pot may not be big enough. It is about 6 quarts. The first time I dyed about 70 grams and the second time about 130. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time.
  • I figured out what I was doing wrong. Hopefully this will help someone else.

    I bought all my products at Knit Picks. I love their products and think they are a very good company, so I'm not running them down at all. However,the instructions or "tutorial" on using Jacquard dyes is incorrect on their site and that is what I was using. They have you put the vinegar in first, as opposed to the directions on this site, which have you add it last. I tried again with some light colored scrap yarn I had and the result is perfect.

    Hopefully, no one else will mess up like I did but if so, here's the fix!;)
  • thanks for sharing the solution!