How to make DEEP EMERALD by mixing other colors
  • Hello,

    I'm working with Procion MX dyes. And I'm trying to make emerald. I have Fuchsia, turquoise, bright yellow, and midnight blue, and I need a deep emerald color.

    I know that blue plus yellow makes green, but I would appreciate if anyone had a better idea, or had some sort of recipe! :)

    Attached below is a picture of the dress (I am dyeing some straps, and am trying to get the color to be like the very bottom of the dress)

    HELP! :)

  • The best recommendation I can make is experiment and test. Take a look at the mixing chart on the Procion MX page - this may offer some suggestions as regards which direction you should start.

  • Are you working with Jacquard's Procion MX dyes? They have a "lemon yellow" and a "bright golden yellow", but not one named just "bright yellow". If what you have is actually "bright golden yellow", then I think you ought to wait until you can order some more dye, because bright golden yellow (yellow MX-3RA) will make a more brownish green, more olive-y, than lemon yellow (yellow MX-8G) would, and that green you're trying to match is not at all brownish. Lemon yellow is a clearer color which usually makes a better mixing primary.

    Jacquard does have a premixed emerald green Procion MX dye. Personally, for emerald green, I'd mix yellow MX-8G (lemon yellow) with blue MX-2G (cobalt blue) and either some turquoise MX-G or some blue MX-G (cerulean blue).

    There's more info on color mixing at my page, How can I mix Procion MX dyes to get specific colors?.

  • Paula's #1 fan here,

    Thank you sooooo much for all the great info you share with all the folks here at the forum.