Jacquard Acid Dyes on Lambswool
  • Hello, I make a product that I sell online. I have been using Jacquard Acid dyes to dye the lambswool this product is made of. I am having a lot of trouble getting consistent results with many of the colors I am using. If anybody can help with this then let me explain what it is I am dyeing and the issues with the inconsistency.

    I am dyeing white lambswool hides with fibers about 1/2 to 3/4 inch tall. I am dyeing small amounts of this fabric at a time (1/2 inch strip wide , by 12 inches long, in about 3 cups of water). I have been following the directions but cant seem to get a few colors to come out perfectly and for some reason others work great. The issues I am having are with mainly Grey , and Kelly green. Kelly green comes out yellow and grey comes out purple and blotched, Olive seems to come out black but otherwise is even full . I have tried varying the amount of dye added to the water and the amount of vinegar. I have also varied the temperature of the water and the amount of time allowed for the dye to set. I have also tried heating and allowing to cool and then re heating. Nothing seems to work. To give some perspective. Brilliant Blue, Burnt Orange, and Red work perfectly! Though red sometimes doesn't dye all the way down to the base of the fibers roots , leaving the base somewhat lighter red or white.

    I know this can be done as my supplier of lambswool sells beautiful red, grey, and green lambswool hides to me. My issue is they are pricey and I have to buy a whole skin of each color to be able to provide these to my customers. It is far easier for me to be able to dye one color any color I want to. This will greatly reduce my overhead so I am very eager to find out what it is I am doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance anybody is willing to offer.
    Lambswool Newbie