Dyeing Crochet Cotton
  • I'm interested in dyeing cotton crochet thread. My thought is to wind the thread in hanks and then wet it, place it on a plastic tray and then apply the dye eithr with a brush or a squeeze bottle , different dolors in different areas. Anyone have any suggestions/pointers? Procion my best bet? This is the kind of thing I'm going for...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31558348
    Her threads are fabulous, and I wanna try it myself.
  • Hi,
    Be careful what you wind the thread around as you could achieve a tie-dye type effect which may not be what you want as the support may resist some of the color. it would be better to have the thread loosely wound and not on any kind of support.
  • Thanks.I'm still reading about dyeing online, and today I joined the local fiber arts guild, and there are several dyers in the group.