Paula: tie-dye kit recommendation?
  • Paula,

    You mentioned "a good tie-dye kit" in one of your answers. Which would you recommend?

  • Any tie-dye kit which does not contain all-purpose dye or fabric paint, and which is not yet past its expiration date, should be good. The Jacquard tie-dye kits are excellent, including the Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit, and there are also other good brands, which would be more suitable to talk about on my own web site than on this one.

    I have received a report of another brand, not Jacquard, being sold in a crafts store past its expiration date, which resulted in pale colors, but that's the only real problem I've heard about, except for all-purpose dyes, which cause constant problems. I strongly recommend against the major-name-brand tie-dye kit that contains all-purpose dye, because all-purpose dye produces poor results in tie-dyeing. The Procion MX type dyes found in most tie-dye kits are vastly superior.