how not to bleed?
  • I have done several batches of clothing with iDyes, following the directions to the letter. Recently I have had a few things bleed, though we always wash cold. In particular, a blue t-shirt and a green one. They seemed to hold their color for awhile but now are definately loosing it. Thse were mid-range colors, so I used the washing machine method on the hottest setting. I didn't see the fixative at the store I bought the dye at, but am thinking that I may need it. What can I do to fix the other items that have not been washed yet?
  • Dharma Trading carries the Dye Fixative. Using this on the older pieces should stop the bleeding. It will also work with the pieces you've just dyed.
  • Can you use vinegar to set the dye? I know from dyed interlock wool items I have bought, that you can set them by giving them a vinegar bath.
  • No, vinegar is not a dye fixative. It helps with wool only because wool is dyed with acid dyes, which are applied by heating with acid, though a post-fix with acid is not the right way to do it even for wool. You must use a cationic dye fixative such as the one Anet recommended.