necessary for tie dye to soak for 24 hours?
  • Is it completely necessary to soak your tie dyed object for 24 hours or can you do 12?
  • 12 is fine, 24 better and it is better to keep pieces at temperatures of 72F or higher.
  • thank you so much
  • soaking the tie dyed object for 24 hours is like a habit for almost all of us ..but i say , the longer you let it sit, the better your results will be ..
    it is better to wrap it in several layers of paper. This absorbs the excess dye and keeps the shirt moist.
  • Paper's not so good for keeping the fabric moist. Better to use either plastic wrap, or urea in your dye solutions. Urea in the dye solutions retains enough moisture for the reaction even if it looks almost dry.

    The dye reaction will mostly be complete after four to six hours, but there is likely to be a little bit of unreacted dye that will cause permanent staining or dulling of your colors if you wash your dyes out at that point. Waiting overnight or longer in a warm place makes sure that every last bit of the dye has reacted, either with the fiber or the water, which prevents backstaining during washout, and enables your designs to stay clear and bright.