any potters out there???
  • hi there,

    has anyone used pearl-ex with underglazes or high fire glazes?

    i am trying to figure out a way to incorporate these pigments into my new found wheel throwing addiction.

    i am not sure how pearl-ex would react to the heat of a kiln.

    greenware = no heat ( has not been fired in a kiln yet ).

    bisque ware = 1,000 - 1,100 degrees ( cone 04 )

    stoneware = 2,280 - 2,370 degrees ( cone 10 )

    i am going to fire some test tiles this week as as an experiment,
    any ideas would be appreciated.

    maybe one of our moderators would have some input or know how i could get some info.......

  • Hello,
    Some of the Pearl-Ex colors are apparently capable of withstanding firing better than others. However, the pigment has a tendency to burn off the mica during firing ... do a test.