fixing color with idye
  • I recently purchased idyes and am about to use them. I am wondering about fixing the color; there is no information about that on the package.
    I am familiar with procion dyes and using salt and soda ash. I am not familiar with idyes and am nervous that the color won't last.
    I am wondering how permanent idyes are? And if there is a way to make them more permanent.
    Also between procion and idyes, why would you choose one over the other? Which one is more permanent?

    Thank you in advance for replying.

  • Hello,
    IDye is very permanent... the full instructions are inside the packet nothing else is really necessary... we do now have an IDye fixative if you want to use it but thats not necessary...
    For ease of use iDye wins hands down.
  • I have done several batches of clothing with iDyes, following the directions to the letter. Recently I have had a few things bleed, though we always wash cold. In particular, a blue t-shirt and a green one. They seemed to hold their color for awhile but now are definately loosing it. Thse were mid-range colors, so I used the washing machine method on the hottest setting. I didn't see the fixative at the store I bought the dye at, but am thinking that I may need it. What can I do to fix the other items that have not been washed yet?
  • Hi
    Are they continuing to bleed after the first wash? We do have a new fixative for the Idyes... call our customer service 1800 442 0455 for the details.