using idye poly for tiedye
  • hi,

    Can I use the idye poly for tie dyeing or painting on polyester fabrics?
    If so what are the instructions that I need to follow?

  • The iDye Poly is not appropriate for direct application tie dye (such as is used with Procion MX) nor is it appropriate for painting as a fair amount of heat is necessary in order to set the dye correctly. One could tie a piece and dip dye into a very hot vat (essentially using the stove top method described on the packet), however, that would give you single color pieces.

  • Thanks Anet for replying,

    Are there any other dyes suitable for tiedyeing polyester fabrics?
  • There aren't any dye products on the market for use by home dyers that are appropriate for use in a tie dye process with polyester.
    One thing you might want to look at is using a pigment product such as our Dye-Na-Flow. This is a very light bodied, low viscosity fabric paint with which you could achieve a tie dyed look on any fabric. While this product is a fabric paint, with a little experimenting you should be able to create the look you are after.