Novice dye questions
  • I'm using Procion MX to dye 100% white cotton duck furniture slipcovers burnt orange. I saw the mixing chart online but am overwhelmed, confused, and in desperate need of a rich, deep burnt orange result. What would the recipe be for 1 lb of fabric? I could multiply that by the actual fabric weight once I get that calculation. Also, the online dyeing instructions don't mentioned Urea, so what would my actual dyeing instructions be, especially if I wanted to use that product? One last question...Would the dye stain my bath tub if I used that for the immersion dyeing, and if so, what could be used to remove the color? I can't use my washer because it's digital, so I'm unable to control the agitation and draining.
  • Hi,
    Below are the instructions for tub dyeing. Hope this helps you. Note: multiply up the quantites per lbs of fabric. ie if you have 10lbs you'll need 10 times the dye etc.

    016 Rust Orange should give tyou a nice color. do a test if in bdoubt

    Tub Dyeing
    (Cotton, Linen & Rayon)
    One lb. dry weight (3-6 sq. yards of fabric or 3 T-shirts).

    1. Be sure to wash fabric to remove any dirt, grease or sizing. We suggest using a liquid detergent or Synthrapol.

    2. Fill container (such as a 5 gallon plastic bucket) with 3 gallons of hot(105') tap water, add salt and dye in the proportion listed in the quantities chart below. When salt and dye are completely dissolved, add wet fabric and stir for 20 minutes. Stir constantly or at least every 5 minutes.

    3. In a separate container, dissolve the soda ash in one quart of hot tap water. When completely dissolved, add to the dye-bath in 3 parts at 5-minute intervals while stirring. Do not pour directly on fabric. Continue stirring every 5 minutes for the next 50 minutes, 30 minutes for pastels.

    Remove from dye-bath. Rinse in cold water. Wash in 3 gallons of hot tap water & 1 1/2 tsp liquid detergent or Synthrapol. Rinse & dry as usual.