• Hi I just found this forum today.
    I have been using Pearl ex powders on my Polyclay beads, but have not really known how to do it properlyas I find it rubs off.
    So I thought there must be some info somewhere, other than what I know.
    This could not have been a better place to find it.
    I do varnish the beads after cooking with the pearlex on.
    I find it rubs off if I dont varnish but it even comes off when varnishing.
    So frustrated as I was I found my way here, great . Why didnt I ever think of this?
    Now I will be putting the pearlex into the varnish next time to see how that goes.
    Great place to find out about the Jaquard products. I use Lumeier Paints so with all the info here I can only improve. Yeah!!!