Colour still not right
  • Hi again, I was using acid dyes on sinamay and getting poor results. It was kindly pointed out to me that I was using the wrong stuff. I happily ordered some Procion MX dye and have been cracking on with that. I carefully followed the instructions and the results were looking great - I was very pleased with the colour. I hung it out to dry on the line and the colour has changed - this time the purple has turned more blue. The sinamay is very dull and flat and the colour is very uneven. Its horrible and useless. Help! Hope someone can advise, I have deadlines looming! Thanks

    Could it be the drying on the line in the sun?
  • Hi there,

    Well, there I do have an idea of what might be happening here. The line drying shouldn't be a problem unless you are leaving it out for days in full sun. However, there will often be shifts of color from one fiber to another (cotton and rayon will, for instance, take Deep Purple differently) so this may be a matter of finding which dye will give you the color you want. As for the dullness - that one has me stumped. You might want to check with Paula Burch at her web site. She's the queen!

  • Thanks anet, I have asked Paula Burch and I think she has supplied the answer. It looks like it is probably happening because I am using stiffened sinamay. I need to get hold of the unstiffened type - not treated and hopefully perfectly dyeable. Hope my next post will be news of a succcess! Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks so much for sharing what you discovered from Paula. I didn't even think to ask about treatments on the fiber!