Disappearing colour
  • Hi all, I'm new to dyeing. I make hats and have always used pre dyed sinamay but I can obviously offer a better service if I can dye to match customer's outfits. I have been playing around with the acid dyes and thought I was doing quite well. I successfully dyed some feathers and then used the same dye (a purple I mixed myself) to dye the sinamay to match. It looked ok and I put it onto the line to dry. When I went to get it in about 15 minutes later the blue had disappeared and the sinamay was red. I was very surprised. Any ideas on what's going wrong? Thanks in advance, Cath
  • As sinamay is a cellulose, plant based fiber the acid dyes will not work for them. You'll need to find matching colors in the Procion MX line. Acid dyes are designed for use with protein, animal based fibers.

  • Thanks so much for that speedy and helpful answer. I have now ordered the correct dye and will try it out asap. Meanwhile I am dyeing more feathers and will probably be back again soon. Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated.