iDye color mixing
  • I have used the iDye product once to dye my son's karate uniform. It is the greatest shade of green. The uniforms we use are a 50/50 cotton and poly blend. I got lucky on his that the same shad of green was available for both the cotton and poly. He has an instructor that wants me to dye his burnt orange. My luck has ran out and I know I will need to mix two shades, but wonder if anyone has mixed the colors for the different blends and what happened? Thanks so much.
  • I've seen some nice burnt orange shades made by mixing either a bright orange or a pumpkin with tiny increments of chocolate brown until the desired share is achieved. I'd try this. Make some swatches using a plain heavy weight cotton fabric. Record how much brown is added to a stock solution of orange, and ask the instructor which s/he likes best. Then its just mix and go time.
  • I got a nice burnt orange from mixing a bright orange and a green.