Indigo dye kit
  • 2 Questions for Indigo Tie Dye kit:
    1. Will it harm the dye vat to put it in the car to travel to where my guild meets?
    2. Even after reading the instructions, I am not clear on how long you put your cloth in the vat. It is clear that it takes 20 minutes to oxidize. Will it get darker if left in the vat longer or if left to oxidize longer? Thank you, sandmckay
  • The vat should survive the trip. I have driven one around for 3 days and it was ok. Less potent by day 3 because of the oxygen getting into the vat because of the vibration.

    Just dip and take the fabric out. That is all. Indigo dye does not get darker the longer you leave it in, but by how many dips you do!

    Dip let the dye oxidize from green to blue. Dip again and let oxidize again to get the dye darker and darker.

    Indigo is the dye for jeans, that is why the really dark designer jeans are so much more expensive. It's not that they use more dye really that is negligible. It is the fact that the jeans need dipped 10x to get that dark and that means it takes 10x as long.
  • Thank you so much for your response. Does it really take 20 minutes to oxidize? I am trying to get our timing right.

  • What wonderful customer service this company has. Thank you for your call and prompt answers. I will post later with the results.
  • How colorfast is the fabric after dyed? I rinsed my dye projects in water till water ran clear and now wonder if I should also put it through the washing machine once to insure it is colorfast ? Recommendations ? How important is it to wet fabric first before dyeing it ? Thx Candace
  • Wetting the fabric makes it take the dye more evenly, it does not make it more washfast.

    Indigo is not super washfast, and most of us know this intuitively. Our jeans get lighter over time as they are washed. The best thing to do is always wash in cold water. Warm water opens the fiber and allows more dye to escape.

    You do not need to put it through the washer if it is running clear. Sorry to say, but that is as colorfast as Indigo gets.