• Hi all... I mixed up a numbers of Jacquard Acid dyes recently into larger 250ml containers with hot water from the kettle. I had no problem with all of them except for 601 Yellow. It has separated and gone gluggy. Does anyone know how this might have occurred or if it is fixable? I was wondering if putting it in the microwave for a minute might unglugg it a bit? It is still useable.
  • Hi there,

    Reheating the dye will fix the issue.

  • Hi Anet.... thanks for the quick response..... much appreciated.... any idea how long I should rehead it for? or just heat it till it's really hot?
  • You are very welcome.

    It should only take a little bit. What happens is that the dye sometimes falls out of solution when it gets cold so just reheat it till it mixes back up into itself.

  • Hi Anet...... thanks for taking to time to help me out..... much appreciated..... I really love this forum because it's so informative.
  • Well I put the container of dye into a jar of boiling hot water and it seemed to be mixing up fine and I walk away and come back a couple of hours later after it's been taken out of the water and it's more coagulated than ever in fact it's incredibly thick
    No other acid dye I have mixed up according to product instructions has done this. I have not just stuck the container back into another lot of hot water and it seems to be thinning again....

    Is this normal?
  • humm, a couple of questions - what concentration are you using (dye to water) and are you adding anything else to your solution (salt, etc)?
    This might help us figure this one out. Unfortunately, it seems as if you've got something funky going on. Unless, with the reheating, you evaporated a great deal of the water the additional coagulation upon cooling isn't making sense.

  • I have the half oz bottle of power dye nothing else .... the bottle is like a sauce bottle with a lid I screw the lid on just enough so pressure doesn't build up and buckle the bottle.... only thing going in is water with the dye to the 250ml level last night I did the same thing with four more new dyes and they worked perfectly it's just the yellow ..... should I get a new one?
  • Well, that is the standard amount of dye to water for a concentrated dye solution so it should be working just fine. It does seem like you might want to try a new jar of the dye. Just so we can check - if you would please send us the batch number (it is a stamped number near the UPC code) we can check out that batch ourselves.

    Thanks! and thanks for sticking with us here, we like to get to the bottom of a problem.

  • Hi anet,

    the only code I can find is what we call a bar code in australia

    There is a little 7 at the front of the bar code then the barcode number which is
    43772 16010 and another little 6 after that quite separate like the first one... I cannot see any other numbers on the bottle. I have looked at others and they are just the same....

    So altogether it looks like

    7 43772 16010 6

    Am I looking in the right place?

    Thanks for the help
  • Right place, wrong number. It will be right in that area, but will be a four or five digit stamped number.
  • Hi Anet,

    The only other number in that vacinity is a number

    ASTM 4236-92

    I cannot see any numbers that look like a batch number at all.....

  • Hey Diana,

    Well, seems like your pot of dye didn't get stamped...Would you mind giving me a call at Jacquard. I just want to touch bases with you in person on this. Just ask for Annette at 1.800.442.0455

  • Hi Anet,

    Shall do.... Here in Australia the time right now is 9.05 am so what time are you available by phone so I can work out what time to call?