PearlX on gourds
  • I do gourd artwork and use Lumeier and Neopaque as well as other inks and dyes. I just got an assortment of PearlX powders and wonder if anyone has mixed the directly in to a paint and what the quantities were. How did it come out?
  • Hi there,

    Mixing PearlEx with a clear medium works very well. You'll not want to add it to pigmented paints as the pigment drowns the mica in the PearlEx. It will tint the paint but you would lose all the shimmer.
    As for how much - that is very much determined by just what effect you want to achieve. As a starting point adding 12-15% (by weight) PearlEx to clear medium will get you close to full coverage. Coverage will be affected by particle size and pigment weight of the different PearlEx colors.

    Have fun!