Use dryer after soda ash soak???
  • I am tye dying with a group of 6 year olds. This is how I would like to do it.
    1) Wash the shirts and dry them.
    2) Soak in Soda Ash and dry them in dryer.
    3) Tie the shirts in spiral design.
    4) Just before I am going to give the tied shirts to the girls, I was going to wet them by dunking in bucket.
    5) Give them the shirts in a baggie with instructions at home to finish the process.

    Question....can I dry the shirt in the dryer immediatly after the soda ash soak? Or does it have to air dry???
  • Just want to clarify step #4 - will you be dunking into a dye bath or plain water to wet shirts before application of the dye?
  • Yes I will be dunking in water before applying dye from squirt bottles. I am just concerned about putting the shirts into the dryer directly after wringing them out from the soda ash bath.
  • ok, thanks,
    so, your plan is great, but it would be better to line dry the shirts after the soda soak, rather than machine dry.
    also, it is not necessary for you to rewet the shirts just before you dye them, and if you choose to do so, you should use the soda ash water as you might lose sufficient soda ash in the plain water that the fixing process could be impeded.