How to keep vibrant colors with Dyna Flow on Silk scarves
  • I just started using Dyna Flow for making painted silk scarves as gifts. My kids also love it and we did a class project--17 3rd graders + 40 blank scarves + lots of pots of Dyna Flow = a fun morning and gorgeous results.
    My question: how can I achieve more intense and more lasting color especially with the darker colors? After painting, we use salt, let them dry, remove salt, set with iron, rinse in a cool bath--where some lose color and some colors come off in little flakes, line dry, then re-press.
    Am I doing something wrong in the process?
    (I am not using Synthrapol--what is it and do I need to get some?)
  • Hello,

    You shouldn’t need synthrapol for dye na flow… that is generally used with dyes DNF is an acrylic. What fabric are the scarves made of? The main thing to concentrate on is applying sufficient heat with the iron directly to the fabric for at least 2-5 minuets on hot. After that the colors should be set. If the scarves are synthetic try a lower heat for a longer time or throw them in the dryer for 30 minutes.

  • Oh really we shouldn't use synthrapol ............
    i dono this , i'm using this only few months