Tie Dye - Cotton Spandex Stretch Mesh
  • I need to tie dye plain white cotton spandex stretch mesh. The base color needs to become a periwinkle with the tie dye colors becoming stronger to an almost violet color. I picked up iDye to get the base periwinkle color. Here's my question: Should I get the base color where I want it, then tie up the fabric, dip again, then re-tie and dip again to get the darker colors incorporated into the fabric? I believe this is considered over-dying. Or, should I consider using a squirt bottle method? I believe that needs to be heat set and I'm concerned about heat on spandex. Please advise, anyone!

  • I would not use a hot water dye like iDye on a cotton/spandex blend. Instead, for this blend, I always use a cool water fiber reactive dye, Procion MX dye. Cool water is kinder to the spandex and will help keep it from losing its shape, and the white undyed spandex threads almost never show at all. (See "How to Dye Spandex".) A good tie-dyeing kit, such as the Jacquard tie-dye kit, is ideal for tie-dyeing cotton/spandex blends.

  • Thank you for saving my project (time & money). I will go with your suggestion.