• I have knit for years but have never tried dyeing before. I am going to dye some 100% superwash sock weight wool. I have bought the Jacquard's Acid dye. I bought Pink and hot Fushia for colors. I have two questions to start with. I want a pick that is fairly bright but not hot pink. I have a sock pattern that has the pink ribbons for breast cancer and am trying to find a pink for that. I do not want something pastel. Which color would give me the best color? My next uestion is: Would it be easier to dye the skein as is or would it be easier to knit the socks first and then dye them? I am so afraid of putting the yarn in the pan (going to use the stove top method) and ending up with a giant knot and unusable yarn. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As I have said I am brand new at this.
    Thank you in advance.