Dyeing 100% Polyester Dress
  • Hello. I have a dress that is 100% Polyester. It is a black dress with a mauve pattern. I am trying to dye it all black, so it is just plain. I have tried a normal Dylon machine dye that did not work & I have tried the i-dye poly stove method. The garment looked like it had taken the dye after an hour but once it dried the pattern is still visible, although not as bright. What can I do so that all the pattern is gone.
    E Mason , Birmingham , UK
  • Because dye is transparent, any underlying pattern or shading is going to affect the end result. Your best bet is to remove all the color using a color remover such as the iDye Color Remover and redye the dress. Keep in mind, however, that some dyes can be resistant to removal and in fact there is a possibility that the dress was printed with pigments, which will not discharge at all. If that is the case then you could try redying yet again, but there will, in all probablity, still be a hint of the underlying pattern.