• I'm about finished painting a canvas seat on a bench. I've used Dye-na-Flow, Neopaque, and Jacquard Textile Color. The label of the Neopaque bottle mentions sealing the colors, however, I haven't found such a product on the Jacquard website. Does anyone have information on sealing such a painted surface?
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    You should not have to do anything bar set the colors with heat by ironing them. The other alternative is Airfix it is an air curing chemical that you can add to the paint prior to painting. You may wish to treat the fabric with 3m stain repellant to help keep it clean.

  • Thanks for your reply. I didn't go into detail before, but here it is. I've encountered a problem with one of the sections I painted. First I used a Neopaque brown. Then I realized it wasn't the color I wanted, so I put the color I wanted on (Dye-na-flow). I used 2 coats but it didn't cover the original color, so I put a Neopaque white over it. Then used the Dye-na-flow again. All that messing around has left that section tacky to the touch. It's tacky enough that when the cat steps there it leaves paw prints. So that's why I've been wondering about a sealer. Any thoughts?
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    Gosh it sounds like you have some sort of interaction with the paint layers. Applying another layer of acrylic sealer may just make the situation worse. I would be tempted to say remove the paint if you can with acetone and start again. Please do a test first.