Lighter colors with Acid Dye?
  • I need to dye some silk but the colors I want are lighter than the colors available. I want to use the acid dyes and stovetop immersion technique because my silk-dying mentor swears by that. I need to get a light green (like spring grass?) and something close to what Crayola calls Carnation pink.

    If these colors were HTML codes I'm thinking the green would be somewhere around 00CC00 to 66FF00 and the pink would be FF99CC.

    How can I do this? Any idea about how much dye to put in the pot?

    Also, which dye colors do you suppose I should start out with? For the pink I'm thinking either Pink (608) or Hot Fuschia (620). For the green, I think not the Chartreuse (628) because I've heard it can come out really neon and I don't want that. So I'm looking at Kelly (627) and Emerald (629). I guess Kelly will fade as a true green and Emerald will fade a bit more toward blue......

    Any advice would be great, thanks!
  • Hello,
    Lighter colors are acheived by diluting the dye or adding less dye to the bath. The ideal way to get an exact shade would be to do a to scale test. Follow this link to our instruction page and then dilute the dye accoringly.