Approximating foil on fabric?
  • I'm doing a costume of The Flash and need the experts around these parts to help. As part of the get-up I'm doing boots and am looking at how to approximate a glossy gold foil.

    Here are some pics:

    I know you can mix metallics and others for airbrushing (have airbrush, will travel)...but I was wondering what y'all thought about what fabrics, which types of paint, and how I can get this reflective sheen.
  • Can't see the photos, but I would think you want a spandex or spandex blend. My instinct would be to buy a stretchy metallic fabric and applique the lightning bolt symbol on the front. Check out the swimsuit/special events section of your local fabric shop.

    If you are set on painting (and it might make more sense for some other details), here's an example I know of using a stencil:
    I don't know that the technique would work well on a stretchy fabric, though.
  • Thanks for the link. I really meant to ask more about getting the sheen of the gold to look mirrored. I'm going to be using spandex for the costume but was really wondering how to get the gold boots to be more like the pic with the kinds of paints sold by Jacquard.
  • Hello,
    You could use Jaquard metalic Airbrush paint or dilute Lumiere to give you a metalic effect. I cant see the image so not sure what the boots are made of but both of those paints will go onto synthetic and natural fabrics.