Dyeing Pine Needles
  • Some one, anyone please help me. I am trying to dye pine needles for weaving into baskets and for on top of gourds.i know they can be dyed because I have purchased them that way. I tried Rit (is that a dirty word around here). That did nothing. I tried Procion MX and nothing seems to be happening with that either. It's been in the dye for about 30 minutes so far and nothing has happened at all. The next thing would be the basic dye, but I don't want to buy a whole lb of each color when I probably only need couple of ounces of each. Is it sold in smaller amounts? Does anyone know is it will work?
  • I talked to you personally and I was hoping dye na flow would work, but you reported that it did not. I think that basic dye may be your only option. The basic dye will most definitely work, but as you say it is tough because it only comes in very large quantities. Please email me at alex@jacquardproducts.com I lost your number the last time you called.