Need Suggestions for Dying Pine Needles
  • Hi all,

    How sad that the Wood & Reed dyes have been discontinued. They were absolutely awesome and I always achieved such stunning results on pine needles. I don't imagine if I throw a tantrum they'll bring them back ;)

    Anyway, I'm reading that Procion MX is the recommended substitution for the W&R dye. From what I'm gathering, the procedure is a lot more involved. What could have been easier than hot water/dye/vinegar/10 min/rinse/done!?

    Has anyone used both the Wood & Reed dye and the Procion MX on pine needles and if so, can I expect the same brilliant results? Or is there another product better suited? I'm quickly depleting my remaining supply of my beloved W&R dye so I need to find a good substitute ASAP.

    TIA for any suggestion,
  • I recently disovered the discontinuation of the wood and reed dye. HORRORS! I had fantastic results on ash splint.
    As for throwing a tantrum; it won't work, I tried begging today.
    I have purchased the procion mx dye to try along with the soda ash and was told that the dye bath exhausts do I cannot use it repeatedly. With any luck it will be as vivid as the W & D. One can only hope. Arrrrrgh.
    Good luck,
  • Hi Wicker,

    Having just used up the very last of my Jacquard Wood&Reed dye in black, I decided to give Rit dye a shot. To my utter amazement it worked beautifully! In fact, it worked faster and more evenly than Jacquard. And it rinsed clear almost instantly. I was not expecting the awesome results I got. Of course I'm dying pine needles but I've heard they usually take even longer than other wood and reeds. Go figure. The color stayed strong for about (4) 4oz batches of needles. I haven't tried any other colors yet but I certainly plan to. I'd suggest you give it a try, you might be plesantly surprised.

    Luck to you,